About Us

Our company has been engaged in e-commerce for more than 2 years already. In the meantime exchange market has seen many upturns from altering the rules of interaction with payment systems up to entire payment systems collapsing. As a result not all the exchangers managed to survive. Due to our swift reaction we were able not only to stay in the market but also to take the leading positions in the niche of electronic exchange. Over that period our employees have gained invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of electronic payments. That is why our support professionals can always render you qualified assistance while you are carrying out exchange operations at our website.

Our exchanger is the official exchanger recognized by all PSPs represented at our website. This fact is the evidence of all operations being carried out in compliance with the requirements and procedures of this or that payment system.
We have created for you comfortable and safe exchange conditions and as usual keep improving our service taking into account your wishes.


Advantageous exchange rate

We provide the best exchange rates for electronic and crypto currencies with no hidden commissions or fees. All calculations are immediately visible when placing an order.



The PayPuu service ensures the security and confidentiality of all transactions completed using our exchange service.