16 Jul 2020

Using Paysafe Card Exchange to Buy Ethereum


            Paysafe is a quick and safe way to send money online. It can be used for personal reasons, but it also offers several payment related services that can be very useful for companies.  It offers cards named paysafe card that works like prepaid cash cards but also works without the physical card. You can use the credit it holds only by giving the vendor its code.

             Once they are bought, they aren’t easy to refund.  You can refund the money It holds but it takes up to eleven working days.  Another and easier option to refund the money it holds is paysafe card Exchange which can’t be done by its own website but is available on ours.


Exchanging Ethereum with Paysafe Gift Card


            On our website, there are several options for gift card exchange online.  One of these options is buying ethereum through a paysafe card exchange.  The exchange is instant and easily done.  You only need to set up an account on our web site, go to the exchange menu and select the Paysafecard gift card option in the currency list, Ethereum on the other one and hit the exchange button.  It is an easy, quick and trustable service with instant results.

Exchange Here


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