Sell Gift Card in Paypuu Easiy - Get Your Currencies!
24.03.2021 07:25:00

The exchange system Paypuu is substantially more than that. It offers many special benefits to users. In Paypuu, you can exchange currencies and you can buy different currencies such as; BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, XMR, and Perfect Money at the same time. Besides exchanging currencies, you can also exchange your gift cars with cryptocurrency as well. Earning gift cars is so popular in our lives but many of us have gift cards that we will never use. Even on our birthdays our family or friend can give some gift cards to us instead of ordinary gifts. Those gift cards are sometimes useless for us because we can’t do anything else with them except using them and these cards just stay for nothing. When we have this kind of problem with gift cards, Paypuu gives us some opportunities to use them!

When you sell your PlayStation, PSC, Steam, NeoSurf, or Xbox gift card in Paypuu, you will have your crypto money in return. As we know, the popularity of cryptomoney is increasing day by day and most people would rather invest in crypto money instead of buying flats or houses. So, many of us prefer to sell gift cards that are useless for us instead of keeping them for nothing. You can easily send those gift cards to us on Paypuu.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency With gift card

Paypuu gives us many different opportunities to buy cryptocurrencies with the gift cards. It can be the first step to a significant investment for you. We do not have a limit about cryptocurrencies and when you want to buy or change cryptocurrencies you will have a lot of different options besides well-known cryptocurrencies such as BTC. You will be able to buy Bitcoin Cash, AdvCash, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Monero besides Bitcoin on our website. To buy cryptocurrencies, the only thing that you should do is register. On the Rates Page which will show you the equivalent of the gift cards, you can do both manually and automatically. Also, you can see, how many cryptocurrencies you will be able to buy.

Sell PlayStation gift card

It is so easy and fast to exchange on Paypuu. The process takes just a few minutes to complete. First, you should enter the system and write the clear exchanged values down. There is only one more step left which is filling in your personal information. On your account, there will be your main money as deposited that can you withdraw whenever you want.

Sell Xbox gift card

You should follow the same steps as we do on the PlayStation gift card. After you complete your registration on Paypuu and writing the exchanged values on the home page, your transaction will start instantly. After that, you can check your account, and then you will be able to see your money there. It is a really simple and fast process. Also, you can follow the same steps to exchange your other gift cards as well.