How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Card?
22.08.2020 05:20:00


Bitcoin trading is happening much more intensely than before. You can make your first Bitcoin investment right away to make a quick profit on exchange rates. So how? If you are unsure about choosing standard payment methods, you can use the gift card offered by any platform as a Bitcoin investment tool on a reliable exchange site. To buy crypto with gift card, all you have to do is have a gift card, find a reliable exchange platform and take advantage of the exchange process at the right time.


Many people who do not want to share their credit card information in cryptocurrency exchange sites ask the same question: Can I buy bitcoin with gift card? Definitely yes! Moreover, if you use PayPuu, you will enjoy fast conversion, instant withdrawal chance and advantageous exchange rates with low commissions. With 3 basic steps, you can easily transform gift card into Bitcoin.


Step 1: Sell Gift Card For Bitcoin

Choose what you want to earn and what you want to sell! You can sell your following assets through PayPuu:


  • Steam Gift Card (EUR)
  • Steam Gift Card (USD)
  • Xbox Gift Card (EUR)
  • Playstation Gift Card
  • Xbox Gift Card (USD)
  • Paysafecard (EUR)


You can buy the following cryptocurrencies on PayPuu:


  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Perfect Money USD


STEP 2: Fill In The Blanks!

Fill in your personal information on the form that will appear.


STEP 3: Start Buying Bitcoin with Gift Card!

Once you use a real Bitcoin wallet ID, then we are done!



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