3 Reasons why you should exchange your gift cards for cryptocurrencies in Paypuu
31.03.2021 09:25:00

Many people get at least one gift card throughout their life from someone on their birthdays or on special days because it is so popular and especially if you do not have close relations with someone, that person can give you a gift card as well. Even your workmates can give a gift card to you on your birthday when they do not know much about you. But the important question is do we use those gift cards? Or we just keep those gift cards to not use. Here there are 3 reasons why you should exchange your unnecessary gift cards for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Litecoin, and many more!

  1. It is definitely a good step to start an investment!
  2. The gift cards that you will never use means earning money for you without any effort!
  3. You do not need to worry about safety in Paypuu because if you have a question, you can reach us whenever you want and we will be here for you!

How to Decide to Sell Gift Card and Buy Cryptocurrency

When you click on our website, you will see “send/give/sell” and “receive/get/buy” selections. As you can see there are many gift card options such as; Xbox, PlayStation, NeoSurf, Steam, and other gift cards. Besides that, you will have “news” on the right side of the page. If you want to buy or sell something but you can’t decide what to do, you can follow the news to have more information about the values of the all coins that you can see on our website. If you do not have experience in the cryptocurrency world, you do not need to worry because our system is not difficult to use. If there is a question in your mind, you can follow our blogs to inform yourself. Also, you can reach us anytime you want, we will be working 7/24.

Which options will you be able to choose to sell or give crypto money in Paypuu?

We would like to give some details about crypto money before you start to buy or sell. You will see Bitcoin (BTC) on top of our selection boards. It is the first crypto money and so popular. The gift cards that you can sell with BTC are Xbox (USD-EUR-GBP), NeoSurf (EUR-GBP), PlayStation (USD), Steam (USD-EUR), and PSC (EUR). Most people also prefer to invest in Ethereum (ETH) and you can sell your PlayStation, PSC, Xbox, Steam, and NeoSurf gift cards as well. You can also sell your gift cards with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Perfect Money (USD-EUR), and Monero (XMR). Besides that, you will see Payeer (USD-EUR) which is the online wallet that you can exchange your cryptocurrencies with. AdvCash (USD-EUR) is an online payment system that co-works with Mastercard.

You can always visit our main page to see what else Paypuu provides you and follow our blog and news that you can reach more information on!